Project Updates #8

A New Format!!!

Hi All,

We are super excited to announce that we now have a new format available in Cassette Tapes!!! What better way to hear the dark and creepy sounds of Tristram than on a raw gritty format, pure analog worship.

This Deluxe set comes in two versions Red & Black, each one strictly limited to only 50 copies, there will be no replacements for lost/stolen/damaged copies. You have been warned.

For details of what's included and pricing please visit our website at


We are also excited to announce that we have an Epic Purple Heart edition for Test Presses! These wooden boxsets will be manufactured out of exotic 'Purple Heart' wood and custom engraved with your character name and class. For details of what's included please visit our webpage.

For those of you who purchased our Maple Woodenbox LP, Please be assured their coming out great, we are currently waiting for the final engravings to finish with shipping expected to take place next week =). We'll also do an unboxing video here on the site so others can see everything that was included.

Tape sales begin this coming Monday 5/20/19 at 6pm PST.

Thanks all for your support!

Team BOP =)