BOPSB001 Update #2

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Hi All,

So ran into some snags, but I got them worked out... So apparently we had to give up on the Dark 'Coagulated Red' color Vinyls because they were too inconsistent to press which would of resulted in a lot of unhappy people, so we had to move over to a 'Blood Red' Vinyl that is much brighter in color. Please let me know if you are unhappy with this and I'll gladly refund your order or replace your Red vinyl with a Black one.

Some good news however, If you purchased the Picture Disc Version (BOPSB001A) you''ll be getting a FREE Deluxe Upgrade with your order! This includes a 'Glow In The Dark Slipmat' and a '1.5 Button'. These are only being offered to those of you who purchased the Picture Disc version! 

I will write again once there's more updates to share!!!


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