BOPSB001 Update #4!

Hi All,

Just wanted to provide some updates on BOPSB001

1. We had a great number of people respond and appreciate all the great feedback we received. 2. We have a new sound engineer who is handling the mastering for the next release.

3. We had a lot of great feedback on the website ( but there's still some issues with the mobile version, so if your reading this on your phone or tablet and plan on going to the site please let me know any errors you encounter so we can work on them.

4. Some of the Deluxe Picture Disc have been canceled so that means there'll be a limited number available we'll provide updates and a chance to grab them to the small email group that requested to be on the waiting list.

Buttons and Slipmats are here!

This picture just doesn't do it justice, the print on these buttons really pop's and it's the perfect size (1.5') that fits perfectly on your jacket/lanyard/backpack and more!

The slipmats look amazing!!! As with the buttons, this picture doesn't convey how awesome the print came out and how amazing the glow in the dark feature is.

Here is a small video I made showing it glowing, please excuse the quality of the video as it was recorded on a cell phone.

If anyone has any questions, again please feel free to reach out at and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Expect more updates to come in the weeks that follow! -TEAM BOPSB

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