BOPSB001 Update #3!

Hi All,

Things are moving along with everything still in production and moving along smoothly. I did want to share some updates with you all and answer some questions I received:

1. Production is moving along as scheduled with no delays so far (if the status of this changes you'll be first to know.)

2. Release date has not changed and is still mid/late April, i have updated the shop listing to notate this.

3. I hate bigcartel, so limited on features.. so I changed host and moved the shop to our new site, stay a while and listen =P

4. No orders were affected in the change from bigcartel so don't worry =)

5. The slipmats/buttons are NOT for individual sale, they were a gift and FREE UPGRADE to those who spent their hard earn money on the most expensive version (picture disc) and was a way to show my gratitude to them.

6. The Deluxe Picture Disc are SOLD OUT, however that does not mean orders won't get canceled from now until release date so if I do have any left over I have created a small email list for those of you who reached out to me and you'll be able to grab one if available.

7. Packaging for shipping will be secured, I will be losing money with what I have planned but investing back into it and not using cheap mailers the only way I would feel comfortable mailing everything out, especially internationally, not saying there won't be issues because there always will be I suppose.


Yep you guessed it, with BOPSB001 now completed on our end, it's time to move on working on BOPSB002. Here is a sneak peek of what we are working on.

I am currently looking for a few people to join the our team and help with the design process for upcoming releases, this is NOT a paid position, but one of passion. Currently looking for a audio engineer who knows how to master for vinyl as my last engineer although worked for free, took his sweet time and is the reason why this project was not in production last year and had to wait til early this year.

That being said if you are interested please drop me a line at and let me know any ideas you may have. 

Expect more updates to come in the weeks that follow! -BOPSB