1. If you did not made a payment yet
You can cancel your order by yourself by logging into your order details in your membership profile.

2. If you paid for the order but it has not been sent yet
In this case, please contact us via contact@bopsoulbound.com ASAP - we will cancel the order and send you a refund.

3. If you got the order and you want to return it
You have a right to resign from the purchase in 14 days from the date you got the item, and return it to us to get a refund (immediate after we get the item back, but no later than 14 days) - without giving us any reason. We will refund you both the item cost and shipment cost which you paid (partially, if you return just a part of the order). The cost of sending back the item to us must be paid by you.

If the item is used/damaged, we will make a refund minus the amortisation cost (caused by usage)